Expert activity

Quality management system



JSC “Magnitogorsk Gipromez” makes a comprehensive development of preproject, planning and surveying documentation, detailed engineering drawings and separate parts at all stages of designing (new construction, revamping, extension, overhaul, upgrading, technical re-equipping, etc.) of steel plants and other industrial enterprises, as well as community infrastructure and facilities. 70 years of experience and specialists’ qualification makes it possible to do any scope of jobs at highly dangerous, technically complicated and unique objects.

Up-to-date designing techniques and quality control system enable the institute independently study out planning and surveying documentation, construction documentation for all kinds of companies’ activities. Upon the completion of works a Customer is provided with a complex documentation that corresponds to all the modern requirements of technical regulations, SNiP and standards.
JSC "MAGNITOGORSK GIPROMEZ" produces projecting and estimate documentation with more than 10 milliards rubles of construction and erection work yearly, and fulfills author’s supervision for construction of projected units and buildings. JSC "MAGNITOGORSK GIPROMEZ" stood all political and economic reorganizations in the country and grew into the largest institute in the South Ural owing to highly skilled capable management of the institute, enthusiasts of projecting, providing continuity in designing of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and the town, trending to further perfection of projecting activity and the institute development.
JSC “MAGNITOGORSK GIPROMEZ” fulfills complex working out of projecting-researching and designing documents for all kinds of investing activities (new construction, reconstruction, expansion, major overhaul, modernization, technical re-equipping and so on) for metallurgical and other industrial enterprises, units of civil housing and highway engineering, agriculture. There are more than 30 departments of various purpose in the structure of the institute. Total numbers of employees exceed 1000 persons.